Affordable, reliable and robust end of the line robot packing and palletising solutions


Solent Automation has developed a platform to develop, deploy and support automation robots to tackle common manual labour intensive tasks in factories. Our robot cells use proven and reliable components which are coupled together with proprietary software we have developed to solve ‘pick-and-place’ challenges in an industrial environment at a very attractive price point.

Our mission is to democratise robot ownership in UK and European factories enabling owners to boost productivity. 

Why Solent Automation is right for your company

- Europe wide installations

- Wealth of experience

- In-depth industry knowledge

- Only use high quality components

- Collaborative approach to projects

- Trial and prototype facilities on site

Why Choose Automation

  • Reduces operating costs

  • Improved utilisation of space

  • Increased quality and consistency

  • Better standard of work for employees

  • Reduces employee exposure to H&S issues (RSI, etc.)

  • Increase in production output rates

  • Increased competitiveness


Case Erection and Case Packing

Products are conveyed in to our robotic cell and are then indexed ready for packing. A box is erected and then the products are placed inside and conveyed out of the cell and into a tape machine

Compact Palletising Systems

Products enter the cell and are then palletised.​

Layer cards, barcode readers and other equipment can be added to the system. 

Small footprint, can fit in to existing locations.


Saffron financial

Saffron Financial is a specialist finance broker offering a wide range of credit solutions for clients seeking asset-based finance. We aim to provide finance in support of your equipment purchase from Solent Automation.


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