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SolPal, the compact palletiser

Updated: Feb 21

We have launched our compact palletiser SolPal. As standard it is capable of palletising cardboard boxes for food and other industries.

Robotic Palletiser SolPal
Robotic Palletiser - SolPal

Solent Automation offer this fully automatic robotic palletiser as a complete turn-key solution which integrates easily in to production lines.

Having the SolPal palletiser has many benefits for your company, including:

- Increased production capabilities

- Better utilisation of space

- Reduced employee exposure to RSI and other H&S issues

- Can work 24/7, increasing competitiveness

Robotic Palletiser SolPal
Robotic Palletiser - SolPal

The versatile cell ensures that changing from one product to another is easy to do and requires no mechanical change parts. New products can be easily programmed using the intuitive user friendly interface.

A location for layer cards is included in the system and can be added at any layer in the pallet stack. The pallet in the above image has layer cards on the bottom and then one every 2 layers of boxes.

Looking for a Palletising Solution?

Solent Automation offer free trials of customer products, allowing you to validate palletising as a solution for your business. Please contact us to discuss a potential palletising solution: 02477 360 026 / info@solent-automation.co.uk

Video of System

Here is a video of the cell working...

Palletising system with layer cards SOLPAL MATE - YouTube

Not palletising boxes?

If you're not looking at palletising boxes but instead want to palletise another product like Jerry cans, Trays, Sacks, Tubs or Buckets this isn't a problem, contact us on 02477 360 026 or info@solent-automation.co.uk and we can discuss your requirements.

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