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Collaborative robots can improve your employees’ wellbeing. Here’s how.

A few years ago, the idea of automating your end of the line processes might have been worrying for your staff. Today, collaborative robots can not only improve the productivity of your business, but improve the lives of your human staff, too.

This is because the modern collaborative robots, like the automated solutions developed by @Solent Automation, work together in a shared space with human workers.

Collaborative robots for packing and palletising work with your staff to relieve them of the literal heavy lifting of end of the line manufacturing, improving their health and safety at work and meaning that their time can be freed up to spend on more valuable work.

In fact, as @Susan Leonard reports for @TLNT, “89% of employees believe that automation has made them more efficient at work.”

She adds, “Some of the immediate benefits of introducing automation in the organization can include higher employee productivity, improved customer satisfaction, and faster time to market.”

Collaborative robots are not set to replace human jobs, but enhance them.

@Solent Automation have a demo of the above system on display at #FANUC UK, you can message us at to arrange a visit.

Read the full article below, and comment with how you are working on introducing collaborative robots to your business, to the benefit of your team…


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